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Therese C. Pasqualoni, PhD,
Strike It Healthy® Weight and
Health Management Systems, LLC
Preventive & Disease Management Practitioner

More than 17 years ago, Dr. Therese C. Pasqualoni began her quest to improve her health and the health of others. In 1996, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health Education from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Recognizing the impact that lifestyle behaviors have on our health, she is committed to helping people take responsibility for their own health by providing evidence-based health information and developing unique behavioral techniques to improve health and life-related outcomes.

Dr. Pasqualoni earned a Joint Master’s Degree in Health Administration and Health Education from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. During her academic experience she created a comprehensive corporate health system that she implemented at an Atlantic City, New Jersey casino. This employee health management system consisted of numerous health-related programs, including on-site health education sessions, exercise classes, and health screenings. These programs were successfully sustained for over five years and contributed to the lowest healthcare premium cost increases among the Atlantic City casino market.

In 2004, she received her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Health Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Pasqualoni’s doctoral research and experience led her to develop evidence-based nutritional and fitness programs. Her quest to reach large populations motivated her to create Strike It Healthy® Weight and Health Management Systems, LLC. On a continual basis, she researches and develops behavioral programs that provide countless opportunities for individuals to pursue healthier and safer lifestyle behaviors to increase their energy and decrease individuals’ risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and overweight/obesity. In addition, Dr. Pasqualoni has served as a health consultant for several corporations.

With a passion and concern for the younger generations, she continued her research practices and created the Strike It Healthy® Nutrition Program for Young Adults (ages 14 to 18) and Children (ages 9 to 13). She diligently researched and produced two intriguing *award winning health systems with the first being the Strike It Healthy® System for adults that contains the Strike It Healthy® Nutrition Program for adults, Exercise Program, and Cooking Program; and the second being the Strike It Healthy® System for families that contains the adult version along with a Children/Young Adults Nutrition Program.

Dr. Pasqualoni has designed an interactive Website with a free Risk Assessment and Health Quiz. She has also developed *award-winning college-based seminars and is the *author of two books for *college and *high school students. Furthermore, she has implemented *athletic-related programs and her *patient education documents “About Healthy Weight Loss” and “About Metabolic Syndrome” have also received health awards.

Dr. Pasqualoni is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist; a Certified Diabetes Educator; and holds three certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, and six from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

*The Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) has provided eight awards to Dr. Pasqualoni;, regarding her health education and science-based efforts.


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