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Galloway, NJ-Dr. Therese Pasqualoni is an expert in the fields of behavioral health and public health. With more than 17 years of experience, she has created and implemented successful and sustainable health-related programs along with being recognized for cost-saving outcomes.
Her media experience consists of television and radio appearances, including CN8, AM Buffalo, NBC40 Health Update, WFAN Radio, and WEEU Radio.
  Dr. Pasqualoni’s on Your Morning, CN8
Healthy Alternatives for Getting an Energy Boost

Media Comments

Dr. Pasqualoni, “thank you for joining us yesterday! Your setup was great! I will keep you in mind for future segments.”
Lauren DiSanto, Segment Producer, Your Morning on CN8, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks so much for a great job with Sebastian this morning. You were really, really terrific! Pete Lamoureux, Producer, WCCC 106.9 FM, Hartford, CT

Dr. Pasqualoni, “there’s a very comprehensive Website she has at… and you have an interesting feature that some people listening to us may want to take advantage of because it’s something they can get for free…that’s a great feature as well to be able to look at that and you can track yourself that way…which I think is important too.”
Bob Salter, Host, WFAN 66 AM, New York, NY

Aloha Therese! Thanks so much for the great interview! Joe King, Producer, KHVH 830 AM, Honolulu, HI

“Dr. Therese Pasqualoni, she’s definitely an inspiration. She lives the philosophy that she teaches.” Nick Lawrence, Host, WEEU 830 AM, Reading, PA


Waiting for Dr. Pasqualoni’s on AM Buffalo Clip

  Coming Soon!  
Story Ideas:
  • Corporate Health and Wellness: 3 Essential Concepts That Impact Our Country’s Healthcare and Economic Outcomes
  • College Students: Doctor Pushes GPA from 2.2 to 3.9 and gets PhD in under 2 years, while incorporating easy-to-live-by lifestyle techniques to help improve GPA scores
  • Children’s Health Issues: 5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Grades, While Improving Your Family’s Health
  • Adult Health: 5 Vital Solutions to Improved Personal Health and Healthcare Outcomes

Dr. Pasqualoni Will Inform Your Audience of:

  • Why Public Health Practices are Critical to the Affordable Care Act
  • Why Corporations and Small Businesses Are Key to Our Healthcare Dilemma
  • What Two Aspects of College Life Can Make or Break Students’ Ability to Obtain Long-term Success
  • How College Students’ Stress and Nutrition Habits Effect Their Athletic and Academic Performance
  • How Parents Can Protect Their Child’s Health, While Helping Their Child Excel Academically and Athletically
  • What Every Adult Over 18 Can Do to Improve Their Energy, Their Health, and Their Healthcare Bills

Press Kit:

Bio: Therese Pasqualoni, PhD
Book Poster
Summary Strike It Healthy System (received two health awards)



Radio Spots:

Chris Marino and the K104 Morning Show
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WEEU – Straight Talk – Nick Lawrence
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