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The following are actual testimonials from people who have used our Strike It Healthy® Programs!!!

A Strike It Healthy® Personal Experience:

“What an experience! A ‘no excuse’ program all in one. The Strike It Healthy Fitness DVD is amazing! It is a cross between yoga and body sculpting but the unique breathing techniques gave me immediate results, the exercises really relax you and it's all about that breathing--I love it! The nutrition DVD really opened my eyes to the importance of particular food and beverage choices—Again, Strike It Health is the ‘no excuse’ program!”
President of KMM Gaming

A Strike It Healthy® Personal Experience:

My life now consists of making time for me and my health. I am worth that. I have easily incorporated the Strike It Healthy Program into my lifestyle. I honestly can not believe the transformation. The food plans are created for my tastes. I choose what type of vegetable, what type of protein, what type of fruit …how could I not follow it? I’m eating what I like. At one time, soda was a requirement in my refrigerator, now water is a must have. Fruit is something I truly want to start my day.
President of BR Answer

A Strike It Healthy® Family Experience:

“The most important part of the Strike It Healthy Nutrition Program for Young Adults and Children was that I learned how to eat healthier, but not overdoing it---it’s simple, there are not a bunch of rules and guidelines.”
Young Adult, age 15

“The Strike It Healthy Nutrition Program used everyday items to help me remember serving sizes. It is easy to follow the guidebook because the pictures help me track what I eat and drink.”
Child, age 11

“It’s a great value---Like many parents you’ll buy something for your children more so than yourself. With this system, Strike It Healthy makes exercise and good nutrition a valuable health program for the entire family.”
Parent of the Young Adult and Child

A Strike It Healthy® Family Experience:

“The Strike It Healthy Nutrition Program for Young Adults and Children gives me more energy because I’m eating healthier foods. It helps you track what you eat so you can make healthier choices.”
Child, Age 11

“During this experience as a parent, what I felt was both proud and a ‘sense of relief’ that a seed was planted, now that my daughter is going to make healthy choices, without being obsessive. As she grows and continues to make her own decisions in the long run the Strike It Healthy Program has enabled her to understand what a healthy diet means.”
Parent of the Child

A Strike It Healthy® Family Experience:

"One of the most important things I learned with the Strike It Healthy Program is to read the ingredients list to find good and bad ingredients, especially healthy grains, like whole grains. I also learned to watch out for preservatives and if you can't say the ingredient it is probably not good for you."
Child, Age 11

"The Strike It Healthy program taught me how to eat healthy because I learned about serving sizes. I used to eat too much of certain foods and now I know how much I should eat and it makes me feel better."
Child, Age 9

“The Strike It Healthy Nutrition Program for Young Adults and Children really helped my children learn together about healthier food choices. This includes reading ingredients and especially choosing water over other sugary-drinks. It allows them to enjoy their favorite foods, while incorporating the essential servings from each food group.”
Parent of the two children

A Strike It Healthy® Personal Experience:

"Dr. Therese Pasqualoni’s Strike it Healthy Program makes you feel as if you have a team of professionals at your service: fitness guru, personal trainer, nutrition advisor, personal shopper, personal assistant, and doctor. I found the program’s emphasis on eating the right foods to be motivating- no deprivation here. The Strike it Healthy guidebook is an easy way to keep track of information, and therefore, monitor food intake. I found it to be a particularly effective way to integrate fiber into my diet.
Take care of yourself and Strike It Healthy with Dr. Pasqualoni!"
Gifted and Talented Teacher

A Strike It Healthy® Corporate Health Experience:

"Therese's passion for her work has enabled her to implement an innovative and comprehensive health and fitness program in less than 1 year. Her sincere caring for others has helped her to positively impact the lives of more than 300 employees in her first year. Her knowledge and abilities are outstanding and she inspires and motivates people to reach their fullest potential. She is truly an asset to the company and the employees."
Corporate Executive


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